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Diversity Training: Responding to the Voices that say it Doesn’t Work

There has been plenty of articles of over the years pointing out why diversity training does not work.  Whilst it’s not inevitable that it works, in our view, it’s equally not inevitable that it doesn’t either. Today we’re exploring the common objections to diversity training, and the ways in which you can design and deliver…

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Supporting Employees with Autism

5 Ways to Support Employees with Autism

Many employers are worried that they don’t know enough about autism or that they may struggle to make adjustments to support an employee. It’s important to bear in mind that autism affects individuals in very different ways and covers a wide range of challenges and needs, some of which may be relatively straightforward and others…

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International Womens Day 2019
IVF HR Policy

What’s Your Policy on IVF?

Hands up everyone who has a maternity policy? A paternity leave policy? An adoption policy? A shared parental leave policy? It’s good to take the time to ensure that your employees know what they can expect when they are starting, or thinking about starting, a family. Even if your policy is to go no further…

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