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New TUPE Case Paves the way for Employees to Transfer to Multiple Transferees at the Same Time

Most of us have been distracted by Covid-19 since March and could therefore be forgiven for missing a potentially very disruptive transfer ruling from the European Court of Justice. Where a transfer of undertaking involves multiple transferees, Employees may be transferred to each transferee on a part-time basis. Transferees will be responsible for the termination…

TUPE Transfers: Will TUPE apply when I win a new contract?

Try not to be fooled by your colleagues (even if its all of them!) saying that TUPE doesn’t apply for this new contract. We’ve seen plenty of situations where everyone in the bidding organisation believes TUPE doesn’t apply, and it does. It’s important to consider the tests yourself or check with your legal advisor when…

TUPE Transfers: The answers to our top 3 TUPE questions

The world of TUPE transfers is complex in language and in process. As employment lawyers and training professionals, we mainly get asked three questions about the TUPE process: what are the obligations for a transferee, a transferor and when does TUPE actually apply? We’re going to cover these off today. Firstly though, a little note…