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A Short and Sweet Guide to Soft Skills

We’re all well versed in the benefits of soft skills training. Research has shown that they account for 90% of what makes people progress up the ladder. Whilst soft and hard skills should work in harmony – the so called softer, people focused skills can be difficult to master. In the interest of keeping life…

Disengaged Employees? Don’t reach for the survey button yet

When organisations want to increase productivity and employee engagement within the workforce, it can be all too easy to reach for the ‘employee engagement survey’ button. As HR professionals we can do a lot more to alleviate this issue than send round a survey. Whilst surveys absolutely have their place in analysing engagement levels within…

Why Digital Learning Works: The Theory

Digital learning, workshop learning or e-learning? It’s a challenge for employers to decipher which approach will meet their objectives. Employers often ask us which is the best way to go, and the answer is the same every time – there is no one-size fits all. Each organisation we work with has a different culture, requirement…