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Dealing with a Disciplinary Appeal: Tips for your Managers

Your manager is in the frame to chair a disciplinary appeal hearing. Here is a quick guide from 10to3, to make sure that they are able to run the whole process with confidence. Before the Hearing As chair, before the hearing make sure you develop a solid understanding of the previous decision and all the…

How to Avoid Discrimination in Recruitment

Failing to offer a candidate a position because of a protected characteristic is unlawful and amounts to direct discrimination. We don’t need to explain the reasons why it’s important for employers to have an understanding of this, but we have pulled together a few do’s and don’ts to ensure that you do avoid discrimination in…

How to Make Employee Feedback Memorable: Tips for your Managers

Great quality employee feedback is one of the best thing’s managers can give to their teams. Well-structured, constructive guidance that the recipient can use to evolve what they do; and how they do it is vital for ongoing development, confidence and a thriving workforce. The problem is, we’re not so keen on giving it or…

The Performance Management Cycle

This video gives you a structure to how you manage your team member’s performance. Complete each step on the journey each time you set an action plan; and at each stage of your formal procedure – and you’re well on the way to effective performance management.

Managing Sickness Absence: Tips for your Managers

When a member of your team goes off sick and the absence becomes prolonged, how to manage the sickness absence can seem unstructured for managers as there aren’t specific ‘trigger points’ to prompt (or justify) taking action. Also, often policies and procedures state that an employee can be absent from work for four weeks before…

How to Manage the Grievance Appeal Process: Tips for Your Managers

An employee has appealed against the outcome of a grievance they have raised, and one of your managers is in the frame to chair the appeal hearing. We’ve put together a quick guide covering how to manage the grievance appeal process and be confident that the decision they reach has taken all the right things…